Dear Dr. Prošek and staff,

Just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for “Kylie”. She passed the day after Christmas. I just couldn’t bring myself to call. I miss her so much still but thanks to you and your staff, she stayed longer with me. Thank you so much.

Maria Fuentes

Dear Dr. Prošek,

You helped me feel so much better. Thank You!! I’m so glad I found you.

Daisy Entin & My Family

Dr. Prošek, Stephanie & Nikki,

Thank you so much for saving “Leon’s” life once. My heart is broken in pieces. I miss him constantly. He always will be in my heart loving him & missing him. It was God’s decision and I have to respect that but God needs to help me a lot now because I’m falling down. Thank to all of you for the great care you provided “Leon”. All my love and thanks to you!

Esther Dominguez