Dear Dr. Prošek,

We want to tell you how fortunate we both feel to have your compassionate, talented team of professionals caring for Snapper.
It is so comforting to know that our questions will be answered and our phone calls returned quickly.

When Snapper was diagnosed with MVD and then congestive heart failure and pulmonary hypertension, he was very sick and we knew we were losing him. With Dr. Prošek’s great diagnosis, treatment and the support of the entire staff, Snapper has had an excellent quality of life for nearly a year and most days he has no indication of a problem. We were so afraid Snapper’s good days were over but he now eats well, has enough energy to demand play, and still loves to lavish kisses on anyone he can find.

Thanks to all of you, we will enjoy every day with Snapper with the assurance that if something else come up, you all will be there to support us and find a solution if at all possible. Nutmeg doesn’t have a problem right now, but with 50 percent of cavaliers having MVD issues by age 5, we feel confident that if something develops, it will be detected early so treatment can keep Nutmeg as happy and healthy as possible.

Roy and Karen Schoen
Proud Servants of Snapper and Nutmeg