“An emergency clinic recommended Dr. Prosek when our cat Mia went into heart failure at about 3 and a half years old. Due to her young age, a severe heart condition wasn’t immediately suspected until extensive tests were performed at an urgent care facility. Despite her critical condition, she was able to make it through the night at the animal hospital, with acute heart failure and the development of pulmonary edema.

The following day, we took her to see Dr. Prosek for the first time. He explained her heart disease in great detail and warned us of the severity of her condition but provided immediate care. Through regular follow-ups and ultrasounds, we were able to monitor Mia’s progress as she responded positively to the medications Dr. Prosek carefully prescribed. Dr. Prosek and his team of excellent technicians were essential to Mia’s recovery and are always responsive when questions arise. Now a year and a half after her traumatic experience, Mia’s doing exceptionally well and we’re so grateful. We just celebrated her fifth birthday and look forward to many more to come!”