I have been going to Dr. Robert Prošek since 2/2006 to present.

I had an amazing Maine Coon Cat that Dr. Robert Prošek treated & cared for ( directly/indirectly ) for my cats last 7 years of his life. My cat was diagnosed with “AFib” – I know 5 of the Cardiologist Vets in South FL that specialize in this area & when my cat could no longer tolerate the long drive to Homestead – I had no choice but, to go to others for medical treatment.

I had firsthand experiences with all of them & can share with you that Dr. Robert Prošek is by far the BEST at understanding my cat’s needs & my desire/drive for my cats health & condition.

He gets it! I have another Maine Coon cat/kitten with heart issues ( HCM ). Brought her to Dr. Robert Prošek ASAP once her heart condition was identified. Also brought her brother from the same litter to make sure his heart was fine. Just recently adopted another Maine Coon kitten from a different breeder & brought that kitten to Dr. Prošek at age ‘9 weeks’ to confirm his heart is well.

The areas that are important to me are:
*KNOWLEDGE in the field of Cardiology – I would rate his a solid ’10’ on a scale of 1 to 10. He is cutting edge and constantly seeking knowledge. BTW, he is an adjunct professor at UF too.
*COMPASSIONATE- I would rate him a ’10’ here. Dr. Prošek ‘totally gets it’!! He is genuine & sincere about your pet’s health & wellbeing. He goes above & beyond the call of duty. He treats your pet as though it is his own- I have found this to be very rare when dealing with other Vets. He treats the owners/clients with respect – the way he would like to be treated if the roles were reverse. Love it when he demonstrates on his wipe board or a piece of paper – a drawing of exactly what your pet’s heart is doing. He gives you a crash course so you better understand the issues. I have experienced other Vets talking medical terms I did not know existed. It is a though they are speaking a different language & they look at you like ‘why are you not following me?’ Dr. Prošek understands where the owner is coming from & how all we want to do is make out babies better. He talks WITH you and NOT at you or THRU you! I have witnessed how he treats other clients that walk thru his doors & he is consistent when it comes to kindness & respect.
*FOLLOW-UP & FOLLOW-THRU- I would rate him an ‘8.5’ in this area. He tries to make himself available & understands the stress & concern owners go thru when our babies are not well. He knows when the owner is stressed & acknowledges that the pet has to be absorbing the stress too from the owner. He is available for me via email & text if not able to call.
*INTEGRITY- I would rate him a solid ’10’. His motto is “Character is what you do when no one is watching” – “Failure is not an option” & his favorite is “First do no Harm”. He is committed to the care of animals. His staff is amazing & it is obvious they respect each other. The employees are a reflection of the LEADERSHIP!

+++Once you meet Dr. Robert Prošek you will notice a drastic difference in his style compared to others. His approach-guidance-ATTITUDE-knowledge-caring & compassion are superior. What you see is what you get. I hope he is teaching his students at UF the valuable message. However, I believe the above qualities have to be someone’s foundation first then they become a Vet. THANK YOU Dr. P. !!!

Kathleen S.